Play it Safe & Healthy and Avoid Toxic Cooking

A big part of being healthy and staying healthy is avoiding the things which cause illness and disease. Dangerous toxins in some common household items are ticking time bombs when it comes to your health. What’s even worse is that many of us are at high risk of ingesting toxins and various metals each and every day simply because of the pots and pans we use for cooking. Aluminum, cast iron, Teflon, glass, porcelain, and even some classes of stainless steel can chip, flake, and leach metal and other dangerous chemicals into the foods we eat – increasing the chances for serious auto-immune diseases including cancer. But there’s no need to worry as long as you use a safe and proven alternative, such as US/Swiss Steel 316 Titanium, which is the safest material available.

While the controversy regarding the health risks of Teflon and the 20-year cover up is no secret, it’s an incredible shame that the immense dangers found with conventional cookware such as aluminum, glass, copper, or stainless steel are not advertised as well as they should be. According to nutritionists, even iron, which many believe to be a beneficial source of iron, is not the mineral form found in foods that is readily assimilated by the body. For some, an abundance of iron in metal form can become a health concern.

Unfortunately, the raised awareness of the various concerns of cooking with non-stick has resulted in a band aid approach with clever marketing. Old coatings have been replaced with new coatings which have little to no history. Additionally, consumers can become confused by claims of “made with titanium” which is little more than a spray coating of titanium oxide; as well as fraudulent claims by companies or individuals which prey on those who have not done their research. It’s important to note that titanium alone is not the key to protecting the purity of your food, but rather the 316 grade and its quality. Nevertheless, more information is becoming available about not only the dangers of common cookware, but also the healthy and safe alternatives such as US/Swiss Steel 316 Titanium Cookware which can keep you healthy and free of serious diseases which can be caused by cooking with traditional pots and pans.