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Healthy Cooking™ offers the perfect cooking solution to help you enjoy an active healthy lifestyle while saving you time and money.

Our focus is to educate Families on proper food preparation using the right foods and the right tools in your kitchen. Our most popular program is our virtual and our  in-Home healthy cooking sessions that are fun & educational for the whole family. No matter what your experience with health or cooking is, you will learn how to prepare and cook healthier, safer, delicious meals in minutes, while also lowering your food cost.  Watch local customer video testimonials.

Recommended by the Cancer Project Dr’s of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, the International Diabetes Federation, Raw Food Leader David Wolfe & Local Holistic Doctors

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The perfect cooking solution to help you enjoy a healthy active lifestyle while saving you time and money.

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Improved Health

Health is often incorrectly defined as the lack of symptoms.  However, most diseases occur over decades and the symptoms often do not appear until the disease has progressed to a more serious level.  Traditional cooking denatures as much as 80% or more of the healing properties. True health is the result of providing what is needed for optimum performance, and preventing a toxic overload on the body. Your health is more than just what you eat, but what you absorb.

Gut health is 70% of your immune health, and known as the second brain. It plays a key role in all major systems of our body. You can’t control everything in your environment, but you can impact foods that enter your body.  The immune system functions best with an abundance of essential nutrients & fiber, combined with the absence of an overload of toxins.

Our target audience are those with a prevention mind-set as well as those looking for root solutions to any of the following:  Digestive, neurological and auto-immune disorders, endocrine health, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, weight goals, and even picky eaters!

Our methodology is a must for those wanting to have any added help towards the prevention of and/or winning the battle against cancer on a number of levels:

  1. Strengthening the immune system by significantly raising the nutrient retention in your foods.
  2. Protecting the immune system from toxic leaching and chemical reaction during cooking.
  3. Starving cancer cells by learning the proper way to cook alkaline foods without losing their cancer-fighting properties.

More and more auto-immune issues continue to surface such as cancer, autism, Crohn’s disease, etc.  Learning not only the right foods, but the right way to prepare and cook those foods, have proven to be a vital key in the battle for wellness.  We are pleased to say that several local doctors who have a philosophy of treating the patient, rather than merely the symptoms, recommend patients to us.

Family Time

One thing you can’t get back is your time. “I don’t have time to cook,” “I don’t know how to cook,” or “I forgot to thaw something out today.” Sound familiar? These are the biggest struggless we hear; we pride ourselves on overcoming those.  We teach families how to cook tasty healthy meals in less than half the time! In fact, many of our recipes are faster than going to the drive-thru!

Childhood obesity is at an all-time high; and this is the first time in America’s history that children are expected to die before their parents. So the value of healthy, delicious home cooked meals, without the added time burden to busy family schedules, is critical. Studies also show that families who have healthy regular meals together have less likelihood of drugs and a measurable increase in their scholastic achievement.  This is also a way for families to build relationships and memories.

If your life is so hectic that you don’t even know how to make time to enjoy a free dinner on us, that’s the very reason you can’t afford not to invest one evening to learn. It’s time you won’t have to shop, cook and clean up afterwards. The amount of return on your investment of time will be priceless to you and your family.

Better Nutrition

Whether you’re already eating the healthiest organic foods or conventionally grown foods or not, you will learn how to increase the nutritional value of your own favorite food choices.  Many people seem to think it only matters WHAT you eat.  It’s equally important to know how to prepare and cook those foods you have invested in so they’re not denatured. It’s what you absorb that makes the difference.

Many aspects contribute towards the destruction of valuable nutrients and fiber.  We do not focus on just one point.  We bring every aspect together for a synergistic result; thereby equipping you to provide your family the highest nutritional value possible.

And for those who may think they’re fine, because they mostly eat raw food…  While raw foods provide digestive enzymes, many foods release more health benefits when cooked correctly rather than in their raw state.  Plus they are more readily absorbed by the body in that properly cooked state.  Such examples include carrots for beta carotene, tomatoes for lycopene, broccoli for vitamin C and certain cancer-fighting properties, etc.

More Satisfying

This is truly one of the most mind-boggling result people experience when we cook for them.  Many have commented “It’s almost like the feeding of the 5,000!”  We’re not THAT amazing!  However, the body is very well designed and has the ability to register whether or not nutrients are minimally or abundantly present in the foods you eat.  Due to our highest retention ability, our customers are surprisingly full with a significantly smaller portion of food than they would ordinarily need in order to feel the same sense of fullness.  

This is because the brain sends a signal through hormones to shut down hunger when the body has met its nutritional demand.  We have had customers who typically need 2 or 3 plates of food to satisfy their appetite experience an unexpected fullness, which lasts for HOURS, with just one plate of food.  If you want to experience this for yourself, call and have dinner on us!

Weight Loss

If you read “More Satisfying,” you will understand why our customers lose weight more easily.  Due to the nutritional satiety provided, our customers get full and stay satisfied with less food. This also tends to reduce usual cravings for additional snacking 30 minutes or so after their regular method of cooking.

Reduced meal portions and snacking tendencies contribute towards easier weight loss and management.  In fact, one of our customers who was an 82 year old diabetic surprised his family when
within the first 3 weeks of his wife cooking using our tools and method, no longer had room for snacking
between meals due to satiety. Additionally, his sugar levels had almost normalized in that short period.  While many report a loss of around 5 pounds in the first week or so, a few others have reported losing 22 or more pounds within the first two months!

More Energy

Typically, a person feels sleepy after filling up on a meal. It is the complete opposite with Healthy Cooking. This is due to the overwhelming presence of nutrients which serve as the much needed fuel for the body.  Sadly, eating even the right foods cooked wrong can result in the loss of that benefit.  We often hear our customers comment on how full they are, yet they don’t feel the comatose sluggishness that was typical after their meals.

Superior Flavor

If it doesn’t taste good, most people won’t bother….even if it IS the best thing for them.  One of our greatest joys is to see people of all ages light up when they taste foods they normally dislike.  Some children who are especially picky eaters have even gone so far as to ask if we put sugar in the vegetables!  We don’t! We teach from beginning to end various ways flavor is lost through typical food preparation and cooking, and show how to bring out the best natural flavors of the food without relying on excess salt, sugar, & fats.

Countless customers comment “I feel like I’m tasting this food for the first time in my life!”  Steak lovers have often said this is just as good as any top notch steak restaurant and at a fraction of the cost!  The flavor we get out of an egg blows people away! You have to taste it to believe it! There’s only one way…Have dinner on us!

Saves Money

Since eating is an activity no one ever retires from, saving money on your food is 
an added bonus.  One area of savings is explained at More Satisfying.
Due to feeling and remaining full and satisfied with less food for longer periods of time, you eat less.  If you eat less, your food stretches farther resulting in an average savings of 20-40% in grocery cost. Our organic customers who pay 2-3 times more for their food especially love that! Great advantage against inflation.

Additional savings are also due to the acquired ability to do 5-minute tasty recipes, providing more satisfaction and joy to eat at home rather than frequent visits to local restaurants.  Many have stated that just eating at home more, as little as 3 or 4 times a month, created an average savings of $150-200 a month.

Add to this health care savings, because every intelligent person understands that sickness is costs more than prevention. The cost of medications, hospitalization, medical procedures, increased insurance rates, time missed from work, etc. can cost thousands of dollars, as well as a high quality of life. Your family’s health is priceless.

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