Have Dinner on us either virtually from home or live with an 8-item meal! Choose your day off of cooking and clean-up ON US!!

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For every Healthy Cooking Show, we donate to Restored Hope and Human Coalition.

Learn how to cook for optimum flavor and health.  Give yourself a break and schedule one of our cooking coaches for either a short virtual Healthy Cooking class where you’ll get an Amazon gift card for your feedback, or a live in-home cooking show at your home or at our inviting Kitchen Studio, where you enjoy the experience of a great meal with fun, valuable information for the whole family! 

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We believe that education is key, and the rest takes care of itself.

What’s our Healthy Cooking  show all about?

We are not a school for chef’s, a cooking service or restaurant.  Like a chef on a TV cooking show, we use our unique kitchen products and techniques to demonstrate the best way to prepare and cook all foods in order to achieve the most out of your favorite foods to include health benefits, flavor, time and money-savings.  Unlike watching TV, you get to experience the difference by what you taste, smell, see, and how you FEEL after eating.  Since people want to achieve those same results for themselves, we leave brochures for future consideration, and provide fun recipe classes for those who want the benefits experienced on the cooking show. The most important thing to us is when you enjoy and value the experience enough to recommend us to others; so there’s no obligation or pressure to attend our classes or get anything as that would undermine the value we place on building trust and relationships with those we cook for.

We invite you to have dinner on us.

Call us now at 214-592-9972 for more information to learn how Healthy Cooking changes life!

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We also provide offices free 30-40 minute Lunch and Learns to build business relationships in our community.

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Contact us for Part- and Full-time positions.

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in interviewing for a part-time or full-time position, please contact our office at 214-592-9972. Flexible schedule and no experience required as all training is provided. Those with a passion for health and serving others is desireable.  Involves teaching and promoting classes and our kitchen products through our virtual and live Healthy Cooking classes.  Must have reliable transportation, great people skills, and work ethics.  Management opportunities within 6 months to 1 year are available for those who show earnest potential. Call 214-592-9972 for an interview.

Resume’s may be sent to: healthycookingoftexas@gmail.com

For more information call us Day or Evening at – (214) 592-9965