We are  veteran owned  and see Healthy Cooking as a ministry disguised as a business.  Honoring God in all we do is something we do not take lightly; and we consider it a joy and privilege to serve those who come across our path.  For every cooking show we do, we donate to the Human Coalition to help those in crisis pregnancies receive loving support, solutions, and healing hearts and changing lives.

Regardless for whom we demonstrate a cooking show, both organic and conventional foodies alike, our passion is that everyone comes away with a fresh new understanding that it’s not just WHAT you eat, but HOW you prepare and cook your food.  If you could learn how to stop denaturing the nutrients, and how to stop unknowingly compromising the purity of your cooked food, wouldn’t you want to know that?  We know that in order to do any job right, you  always need the right technique and tools; and no matter how much you know, you DON”T know what you DON’T know. Even knowledgeable nutritionists and naturopath doctors have stated that they were so thankful that they weren’t too arrogant to think they didn’t have more to learn!  

Whether people are proactive with their health or struggling with digestive problems, auto-immune, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, weight, blood pressure, or other diet-related issues, our passion is showing how to raise the bar on the results of the food you eat.  You ARE what you EAT, and you’re paying for your food, so why ruin it?  We show how to make it count!  The results we consistently hear are better health, more energy, better flavor, and satisfied with less.

Our logo, Healthy Cooking, speaks volumes about our purpose…Heal Thy Cooking!

We recognize the word “Healthy” contains two words…”Heal” and “Thy.”  The “T” in Thy is crowned as representing we center our business on the King of Kings. True healing comes from God, and we are merely responsible to steward our food, our bodies, and our resources of time and money wisely.  We use cooking to empower families to do just that, and referrals are our lifeblood.

Our tagline, “Healing from the Inside Out” acknowledges that we are the result of what we eat, just as our thoughts also shape who we are. 
 Busy work schedules, extracurricular activities, the appearance of convenience all around us in the forms 
of microwave “meals” and “fast food” meals on practically every corner, make it all the more tempting to exchange the family budget and health all for the sake of convenience.  Our cooking shows are inspiring families to take control of what goes into their bodies, while having more  time to enjoy family.

Our passion and mission is to bring practical solutions to the table to provide a balance between time demands and health needs. Add to this recipe a dash of superior flavor and an innovative way to enjoy preparing, cooking, and sharing family meals is our culinary specialty. We pride ourselves on our passion for people and our joy at seeing their lives turned around as a result of 
implementing our model of cooking. Whether it’s a parent watching their picky eaters ask for seconds on veggies, a person losing a belt size or two, enjoying improved health, seeing the family budget gain savings, or simply having more family time to enjoy…When people become a customer of ours, they become part of our family.

In fact, we are so confident you’ll consider having Healthy Cooking become part of your family, we are willing to give you an afternoon or evening of your choice to “Have a Meal on Us!” either virtually from home where you get an Amazon gift card for your feedback, or live at your home or our kitchen studio with a complete meal and dessert!

Why a free cooking show?  We are like a cooking show on TV, only better; because you get to eat the food!  And like the celebrity chefs, we  use our favorite things to work with in the kitchen as we demonstrate our preferred method for preparing and cooking your favorite food.  This is how we promote both our Healthy Cooking classes and favorite kitchen products.  It’s a win:win because YOU get a free day off of cooking and clean up; and people love the experience and results so much that they usually tell their friends and family about us,  which is the best advertisement in the world!  Whether you choose to become a customer or not, you will learn valuable tips and facts important enough to want to share.  No matter how much you already know, you DON”T KNOW what you don’t know!