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At the dinner I was amazed at what I was tasting and reading. It takes next to no time to cook and I don’t even need to be in the kitchen. This freed me up to accomplish more and be with my daughter. I could actually taste the food and could rest assured I was getting the nutrients and vitamins the foods contain. Our grocery bill has gone down drastically and our health is even better.

-Christopher D. Phillips, D.C.

As a Pediatrician, wife, mother of two, and Breast Cancer Survivor, I know the importance of good nutrition. I counsel families every day on the importance of good food choices. But not only is choosing the right foods to eat important, so is the way you cook your food to retain its nutrients. When you boil or steam your food with high heat, you basically destroy a large amount of the nutrients in the food, rinsing it down the drain..

Healthy Cooking is a great investment toward more optimal health!

– Deborah Z. Bain, MD, FAAP, ABIHM

Healthy Cooking’s nutritional cooking demonstrations utilizing non-toxic, cost-saving methods have provided a wonderfully positive approach to healthy cooking and eating for my clients who have committed to a healthier lifestyle as part of our whole person approach to healing.

The classes showcase the ease of preparation, and the access to a myriad of tasty and healthy recipes,. and most importantly, re-teaches people how to eat healthy.

– Kenneth Wightman, ND, MS

Speechless and proved wrong! That is how I describe myself after spending the afternoon with you and experienced your presentation. I believe this is one of the most important discoveries to improve the nutritional and financial health of my family. I am so glad to have met you and to have tasted “real” food, probably for the first time in my 44 years of life. In summary … I AM VERY IMPRESSED!

– Lynette K Jones

As a breast cancer survivor I was exploring all avenues to stay healthy. Maryanne came to our home and hosted a dinner. I was SOLD. The meals are not only healthy, they are delicious and economical.

– Eileen Ellis

I knew immediately that I had to invest in my wife’s health and the health of my future children, if I was serious about putting my family first. If cooking with anything that was going to be toxic for the development of my children, then I could not in good conscience continue to cook the same way I had been. We can see, taste, and feel the truth that this science presents us.

– Giovanni Troncoso

We now cook ahead healthy meals for the week or do frozen to the table options and love the way our food tastes. We both have lost weight even though neither of us was really overweight. We just are satisfied eating less food and everything we eat now is great nutritionally for our bodies. We actually enjoy cooking and eating at home more than eating out! Saving money was not one of our top needs but it has been an eye opener how much we did spend on dining out! We even buy organic and compared to eating out, it still saves money.

We don’t realize how much eating poorly affects not only our weight but our skin and appearance. I feel 30 again!

– Sherri McCarter

I am having a ball cooking. I have never been this excited to cook. My mom is back home and she is excited also. Thank you.

– S. Snowden

Mary Anne Morris did a fabulous job of educating us on all of the health benefits.

– Tonya Petrill

The food that we were able to prepare has been excellent. It is amazing the type of flavors that come through. Simple things such as scrambled eggs have such a fresh and full flavor where I am pretty sure that all I am tasting is the pureness of the egg itself, and not additional additives.

There are now some vegetables that our oldest son loves to eat, where in the past he would never touch before. This can only help to ensure his long-term health. It gives Ash and I piece of mind that we are doing the best for our children, especially during these critical years of development.

– Brad Ruzicka

Anything that I can do to hope ensure optimum health and nutrition for my family I will do it. Saving money was an interesting added bonus, but I wasn’t sure that I believed my growing teenage children and their many friends would actually eat less just because the food tasted better and contained more nutrients. Boy, was I WRONG!

Everyone was loving the meals, but we were getting all these left overs. We couldn’t believe how much less we needed to cook and yet everyone was full!!!

– Stacey Scott

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