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INITIAL WASHING: When receiving new cookware, wash with hot, soapy Water and Vinegar before using. Use 1 cup of Vinegar for an entire set of cookware, much less for 1 piece. This is for the initial washing only. This removes factory machine oil residue. Normal washing is with hot soapy Water.


MEDIUM-Click-LOW: Recipes assume that once you’ve set temperature to Medium, you know to wait for the Vapo-valve to click steady, and then turn unit down to LOW.

[Exceptions: Frying w/lid cracked (MED-HIGH) & baking Cake (MED-LOW & peek to see if it’s done.)]

The cooking/baking time always begins from the time the unit is turned down to LOW.

MEDIUM-HIGH & OPEN LID WIDE to FRY (or SEAR): (Fried chicken, steak, roasts, etc.)

MEDIUM-LOW for DOUGH: (Cake, Breads, Pizza, etc.) No clicking at this temperature.

Tilted Burners: These can cause all condensation necessary to activate seal to run to one side, preventing a proper vacuum.

Dual Burners: For larger pans use larger burner option for MEDIUM, but select smaller burner option when turning to LOW.


Preheat for frying or searing Chicken, Beef & Pork, Eggs, Pancakes, French Toast, Hashbrowns, or pan-roasting Veggies.

Most other things prepped into unheated pan or skillet at either MEDIUM-Click-LOW or MEDIUM-LOW (for Cakes, Breads, etc.).

FINDING TRUE LOW and TRUE MEDIUM: Since there’s no industry standardization for

cooktop/stovetop temperatures:

For Gas Stoves only: Some short cuts are…

  1. Hold hand 8” above “MEDIUM” flame & see if you can keep hand there for at least 8-10 seconds. If too hot before 8 count, lower flame until you can keep your hand there for only 8-10. If beyond the count of 10, increase flame to get to a count of only 8-10 (True Medium).
  2. Visually only – a gas flame at MEDIUM barely “kisses” the bottom of the pan.
  3. MEDIUM-LOW flame is half-way the distance to bottom of the pan.
  4. MEDIUM-HIGH flame is a slight spread beyond the “kiss” of the bottom of the pan.


For a more accurate calibration, the following is well worth the effort!:

– Match cookware with burner size; fill each unit ½ way with Water, cover with lid, and set to MEDIUM

heat, testing one burner at a time.

– When unit clicks, turn burner to its lowest setting without turning it off; wait for clicking to stop.

– Increase burner setting a little; wait 30 seconds; keep repeating until it clicks; turn it down a little and wait

for clicking to stop; this is true LOW.

– Mark your dial if it is a numbered dial. If not, make an imaginary scale from 0.5 to 10 for your burner

dials; 0.5 is the lowest setting, 10 is the highest setting.

– If true LOW you found is about 1.5 on the dial or on the scale you made, then MEDIUM is probably 5. If

LOW is 2.5, then MEDIUM is probably between 6 and 6.5. Repeat for each burner.

NOTE: If the Vapo-valve clicks on the lowest setting, then your stovetop runs too hot.

(This is usually true for Propane Gas). To reduce heat, purchase heat diffuser/deflector; repeat

procedure. It allows your stovetop to have a true LOW setting (no clicking).


– For Veggies & Fruit, start with a cold pan and fill it with Veggies or Fruit at least 2/3 full to produce

adequate moisture. [Note: 16 oz is approximately 1 Quart]

— If frozen Veggies or Fruit have ice crystals, rinse off ice crystals (They carry bad flavor).

– For delicate/dry Veggies use the “Church Pan” above the 3 Quart (with 1” Water) to rehydrate and avoid

burning. The 2/3 full doesn’t apply in Church Pan due to plenty of moisture from below.

Corn on the Cob: Husk Corn. Rinse husks under the tap then place like a bed in the bottom of cold

Roaster or use church pan! MEDIUM-Click-LOW for 12 minutes. Incredible flavor!

– For 1” of Water in the 3 Quart, place the 3 Qt. under your sink faucet, count to 7 with faucet on full.

– For fresh Veggies, lightly rinse and place in cookware retaining the Water or add 1-2 ice cubes.

Cooking Time: The COOKBOOK addresses Vegetable cooking times on Page 3-4 based on texture

preferred. The number to the left means Al dente (crisper); the number to the right means softer cooked.

Beef cooking times (Page 6-4); and Poultry cooking times (Page 8-4).

– Make sure the Vapo-valve isn’t popped up from overfill, which loses moisture/heat and won’t click.

— If it is, make a thumb impression in the food and place the Vapo-valve over that impression.

Make sure there is no food in the rim or under the lip of the lid (loses moisture/heat & won’t click).

Use proportionate burner size for size of cookware (Small cookware on small burner, etc.).

– Seal the lid placed on the cookware (if needed) by pouring a little Water on lid’s lip & spinning the lid 360°

to ensure moisture & heat escape only thru the calibrated valve.

– Most food will start clicking in about 8-10 minutes depending on volume and food density & frozen/fresh..

– Trust the system; avoid removing the lid until your food is scheduled to be done because it will lose

moisture/heat, elongate cooking time & undercook/burn food. [No pot peeping, please!]

– The “1, 2, Ouch Test” helps you determine if things are heating properly without lifting the lid.

— Touch the lid 3 times slowly with 2 fingers; if a small sting is felt on 3rd touch, spin cover to help trickle

lid condensation downward; the Vapo-valve should soon begin clicking steadily.

– Thanks to SM’s vacuum cooking method you will not transfer the burnt flavor to the rest of the meal!


– Never use HIGH heat (Ruins food & gas stoves may soften handle); MEDIUM-HIGH is the highest, used

for searing & boiling.

– Never put cold Water in a hot pan; could cause warping which is not covered by the warranty.

– Never use abrasive cleaning items on outside of cookware; could scratch or etch (Some liquid cleaners

contain a type of acid). Recommend using Saladmaster cleaner which lasts a year or more.

–  It’s OK to cook with salt, but Never place Salt directly onto the cookware; Salt pits all metal!

– Never use sharp objects with the cookware like knives, scissors, etc.; metal utensils may scratch but using

metal cooking utensils is fine.

Note: Scratches and blemishes are normal on the inside of cookware, they just seem to stand out more on

new cookware.


– Use soft side of sponge on the polished exterior finish to prevent scratching; & non-scratch scrub sponge

on the inside.(i.e., the blue multi-surface scrub sponges)

– Any conventional sponge, steel wool, etc., may be used to clean the inside of the cookware. The best

seems to be the stainless-steel scrub bud, which is available at most grocery stores. These abrasive

scrubbers, etc., are to be used on the interior of the cookware only – never on the polished exterior or the

top of the lids. All cookware bottoms are dishwasher safe, but not lids, may warp.

– Handles and knobs do not belong in the dishwasher because the high heat may dull the luster of the


– To remove stains or mineral deposits: Use a wet, folded paper towel, squeeze out excess moisture; use a

light dusting of Surface Master Powder; don’t use a sponge as it absorbs the cleanser. Rub in the direction

of the grain (circular for round pans, side-to-side for square griddle/cookie sheets).

NOTE: It’s normal to see paper towel w/powder turn black.



– For a slight mess, use hot Water that covers the stuck-on food, cover, and let it soak while you eat. Let unit

sit for a few minutes to deglaze baked-on food.

– For accidental burning of food, use hot Water (if pan is still hot) with white Vinegar & baking soda & bring

to boil on MED-HIGH with lid on; turn off after 5-min. boiling & allow it to sit & deglaze.

– To remove stains on the outside of your cookware that doesn’t come off with soap and Water; remove

handles/knobs, place unit upside down on 4-5 pieces of newspaper, spray unit with oven cleaner (Use

gloves & Do not inhale; avoid Fumeless or Fume-free types); Avoid spraying rim and leave for about 2

hours; rinse with hot water and wipe clean.

– For burns that blacken the inside of the cookware and don’t clean up with soap & Water or oven cleaner,

use a damp scratch pad (new green scrub sponge), and a good amount of Saladmaster Cleaner & muscle. Minor scratching doesn’t affect cookware performance.

EGGS & OMELETS: Preheat skillet just below MEDIUM for 3-4 minutes. Add Oil/Butter & immediately add Egg. Crack Egg on flat surface to minimize Eggshell chards. Wait until the Egg has begun to firm at bottom, loosen around edges and flip or scramble. Less scrambling/movement of the Egg means less sticking; easier clean-up.


FRYING POTATOES/HASHBROWNS/FRENCH FRIES/STARCHY VEGGIES: Starchy Veggies should be rinsed & dried well. Preheat skillet on MEDIUM. Rinse starch off and spin dry or tap dry. When you spritz Water off your fingertips and it dances, the skillet is hot enough to fry (For electric skillets, set to 350° and when the blinking light goes out on the left side of temperature window, it’s ready.) Apply Oil (Hashbrowns will need much more Oil than Fries) and fry (w/lid barely cracked) until crispy (6-8 minutes); flip, repeat. (Save time by cutting thick chips as fries)

Baked Potato: Either place whole Potato in church pan above 3 Quart & 1” Water & MEDIUM-CLICK-LOW for 30 minutes OR cut Potato lengthwise in half; on open face cut deep lengthwise and deep 3-4 places widthwise. Rinse off starch, tap dry, then a light spray of Olive Oil on open face. Place cut side down; cover, MEDIUM heat for 8-10 minutes. Then use 1, 2, Ouch Test to ensure inside is hot enough, then set to LOW for 30 minutes. (It won’t click as moisture is trapped between bottom of pan and skin.)

DEGREASING GROUND MEAT: Place thawed Meat in inset (Church Pan) above 3 Quart filled with 1” Water. Leave a few holes exposed for Vapo-valve operation. When valve clicks steady, remove lid and break up Meat as desired. Cover; when valve clicks a 2nd time, reduce to LOW for 15 minutes (for 1 lb). Meat is cooked and degreased! (NOTE: Frozen Meat may be defrosted by same method, by scraping away outer layers that have thawed and repeat clicking cycles until center is no longer frozen. After it clicks again, turn to LOW for 15 minutes.

FISH: Start with a cold pan. Make a bed for the Fish by covering inside bottom of unit with Onions or Spinach or both or any vegetable of choice. Add Fish skin side down, season, add Veggies if you like, and cover. Set to MEDIUM heat. When valve clicks steadily, turn to LOW. Time will depend on thickness of filet or if frozen. It’s usually 30 minutes if frozen, 20-25 minutes if thawed. Some Fish, like Grouper, can be fried in preheated MEDIUM temperature as it holds together better.

PASTA & RICE: Cover raw Pasta w/Water (1”-2” over) & healthy Oil to prevent clumping, set to MEDIUM; when it clicks, turn to LOW for the time stated on instructions. For Gluten-Free Pasta, place Water & Oil in pan; place Pasta in after unit clicks then turn to LOW for time stated on instructions. Rice in MP5 & EOC: Add Rice, Water (usually 2 cups per 1 cup Rice, but adjust to your liking), Oil/Butter (1 TBs per cup) & seasoning (Bragg’s Liquid Aminos) to unit. Press “Temp” and then press down arrow once for Rice 1 & twice for Rice 2. (Rice 1 for less than 2 Cups of White Rice; Rice 2 for 2+ Cups of White Rice OR any amount of Brown/Wild Rice). The EOC needs 3 Cups of Water for 1st Cup Rice only (due to larger surface area). Unit adjusts temperature automatically and gives countdown (20 minutes for Rice 1 or Rice 2). Once done, unit reads 150°. To do 2nd round of Rice 2, turn probe off & reset to Rice 2. (2nd round will be shorter). You can always do Rice the traditional way on your stove top too!

PANCAKES & FRENCH TOAST: For Pancakes & French Toast, 1st preheat griddle to MEDIUM for about 4 minutes. Pancakes: Lightly dab Butter on griddle only where batter gets poured; pour batter into Butter and Butter will spread with the batter; when bubbles appear, flip over.

French Toast: Lightly coat area where Bread will lay on griddle with Butter. Wet Bread in batter and lay on griddle. Once golden brown, flip Bread over. HINT: Leave Cinnamon out of the mix; once bread is on griddle, sprinkle Cinnamon on wet Bread at that time. YUM!!!

CAKES & BREAD: Spray cold 9” skillet with Advocado or Olive Oil. Add batter & cover. Bake on MEDIUM-LOW (between Medium & Low) for 15-18 minutes. When top middle is dry to the touch it’s ready (You’ll need to lift cover to check). Shake unit to loosen; place on plate. For Cakes, add Chocolate Bar on top of hot cake for frosting! Careful, not too many Veggies (no more than 2 Cups) or Cake remains wet and may not bake. If you burn the Cake, cut away the burn & the Cake tastes normal! It’s OK to make mistakes! If Cake is left in pan to cool, no need to spray pan.

ROASTS/STEAKS: Tap the Roast dry and season. Preheat MEDIUM-HIGH for 4-5 minutes. (If using EOC/MP5, set to 400° and when blinking light on the left goes out, it’s ready for searing.). Place Meat in hot pan and press down & crack lid. Meat sticks at first but releases when browned. Sear for 5 minutes, flip over for 5 minutes on other side. Add Onions, seasoning (Bragg’s Liquid Aminos is good; about an ounce per 3 lbs), and cover fully on MEDIUM heat. When it clicks, turn to LOW for 5-9 hours (the longer, the more tender). Before serving, place on cutting board, cut pieces as you would serve it, and place back in the juices in the pan to make each piece flavorful.

Steaks: Same as a Roast but keep the lid cracked wide, & you determine time based on preference. (rare, medium, well-done, etc.) Example: 2” steak Medium is approx. 8-9 min per side.

FRYING CHICKEN: Preheat EOC to 400°. Place Chicken in preheated skillet & crack lid wide to fry! Boneless takes less time than bone-in. And thicker cuts take more time than thinner cuts. Chicken will stick at first & release easily when ready to turn over (about halfway thru frying time). IMPORTANT…DO NOT RINSE CHICKEN OR REMOVE MEMBRANE SHEEN … IF YOU DO, THE CHICKEN WILL STICK LIKE GLUE!! A SNIP ALONGSIDE BOTH SIDES OF THE CENTER OF BONE ENSURE THOROUGH COOKING TO ELIMINATE REDDISH COLOR NEXT TO BONE.

TIP: For foods that you would like to keep moist such as Chicken breast and game Meat, consider searing the Meat then covering fully to activate the Vapo-valve then reducing to LOW. This vacuum method will lock in the moisture.

STORE/REHEAT: Pour a little Water on the edge of lid’s lip; & spin lid to create air-tight seal. Let it cool down before refrigerating. When it comes time to reheat, do so on LOW to MEDIUM-LOW for gentle warming. Lift lid to check on food warmth. Tastes fresh like the first time!

FROZEN-to-FINISH: Place frozen protein (individual Tenders, Filets, etc.) in cold skillet, one-level deep; add Sauce/Salsa and/or seasonings, and top with frozen/fresh Vegetables. MEDIUM-Click-LOW for 30 minutes, depending on thickness of protein.

HINT: For less liquid that will dilute flavor of Sauce/Salsa, cook Tenders by themselves until unit clicks. Pour out excess liquid. You may turn unit off to cut up Tenders into bite size chunks. Spread out Tender chunks and finish adding other ingredients. MEDIUM-Click-LOW for 25 minutes. Frozen Veggies give off more liquid & may dilute your results. Use fresh Veggies & the flavor of the Sauce/Salsa will burst with flavor!

COOKIE SHEETS: Don’t use cooking spray; the oven will turn it into “glue” for tougher clean-up. Your Cookies already have Butter and will easily come off the Cookie Sheet.


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