First time only Wash with 1 cup vinegar and hot, dish soapy water

Cooking without water and not burning:

  • For veggies, fill unit at least 2/3 full to produce adequate moisture
  • Retain water from washed veggies or add ice cube (helps rehydrate)
  • Make sure Vapo-valve isn’t popped up from food (loses moisture/heat)
  • Make sure no food in rim (loses moisture/heat)
  • Adjust burner to true medium (not necessarily what dial says)
  • Use proportionate burner for size of cookware
  • Avoid removing lid to check (loses moisture/heat)
  • Create water seal by pouring ½ tsp water on lid edge lip and spin
 360 to prevent heat from escaping out sides, allowing only thru valve.
  • Use “church pan” to rehydrate and avoid burning delicate/dehydrated 

NOTE: If your stove/burner runs hot, you may need to start cooking at lower setting such as Med-Low, if consistently burning things. If after 8 min on Medium, the Vapo-valve stands up but hasn’t clicked, do not wait. The unit is hot enough and should be turned down to lowest possible heat setting.

Use high heat (ruins food & may melt handle; med-hi is the highest…used for searing)
Put cold water/food in a hot pan (causes warping)
Use abrasive cleaning items (incl. Surface Master) on outside

Medium-Click-Low: Recipes (except frying w/lid cracked and cake) assume that once you’ve set temperature, you know to wait for the Vapo-valve to click, and then turn unit down to Low. The cooking/baking time always begins from time unit is turned down to form semi-vacuum cooking.

EOC/MP5 Temperatures: High (450) Med-High (400) Med (350) Low (175)

Med-High to Fry (fried chicken, steak, roasts, etc.)
Med-Low for dough! (cake, breads, pizza, etc.)

Gas stoves: Hold hand 6-8” above flame and count to 10. Hand should not feel “sting” till approx. 8-10. If heat stings before 8, turn burner lower for true Medium. Also, flame should just “kiss” bottom of unit. Pour tsp water on rim of lid and spin 360 degrees to ensure good seal.

FRUITS & VEGETABLES: Start with a cold pan at least 2/3 full!! Rinse frozen and drier fruits/veggies in inset and drain excess water but keep some to restore moisture lost between harvest and cooking. For frozen, rinses off ice crystals.
Trust the system. DO NOT lift cover until your food is scheduled to be done. Curiosity and lifting cover too many times allows heat and moisture to escape, adding cooking time/burning food. In about 8 minutes, the Vapo-valve should start clicking. If not, do “1, 2, ouch” test. Touch lid 3 times; if small sting is felt on “3”, spin cover to trickle condensation down. The Vapo-valve should soon begin clicking steadily; if so, reduce to lower heat (use ear as guide) to stop clicking within 1 min. to finish cooking. Most fruits/veggies are tender within 10–25 min, depending on preference, the vegetable, & amount of food.

POTATOES: To fry potatoes, preheat skillet on med. When water dances, skillet is hot enough to fry golden & crispy. Rinse starch off and dry. Once heated, spray with Pam (Hashbrowns need oil) and fry (w/o lid for H-browns, lid barely cracked for fries) until crispy (6-8 min); flip. Same on other side. Baked Potato: Cut potato lengthwise in half; cut a cross deep into each half & place cut-side down. Cover & Medium heat. Need 1,2, couch test after app 8 min, as peel traps moisture. Once valve clicks, takes 30 min on low!

FRYING/Roasting MEATS: Preheat Med-High for 5 minutes. A piece of paper towel placed in unit before heating should turn brown when unit is proper temperature, or drops of cold water sizzle/dance. Place meat in hot pan and press down to sear. No oil necessary! Meat sticks at first, but releases when browned. May add vegetables, seasoning, and cover. Lower to medium; when Vapo-valve clicks steadily, OR lid is hot to touch, lower heat so valve stops clicking. Roasts are ready to eat after 15 min/pound; cuts with a fork after 30 min/pound. Refer to cookbook on cooking times. The longer it cooks on low, the more tender.

STORE/REHEAT: Pour ½ tsp water on lid rim and spin to store. Reheat on low to med-low for gentle warming. Tastes fresh like first time!!

DEGREASING GROUND MEAT: Place meat (frozen or thawed) in inset
Above 3 Qt. filled with 1” water. When valve clicks steady, crumble
meat as desired. Cover; when valve clicks 2nd time, reduce to low. Meat is cooked and degreased after 15 minutes! (also good way to defrost!)

BAKED FISH: Start with a cold pan. An option is to cover bottom of unit with veggies or fruit. Add fish, season, and cover. Med heat. When valve clicks steadily, turn to Low. Fish will be flaky and tender after 5-20 minutes. Time will depend on thickness of filet. (30 min if frozen)

EGGS & OMELETS: Preheat skillet to med without spray for 3-4 min. Spray Pam or add butter. Pour prepared egg onto skillet and let set for at least 1 full minute. After egg has begun to firm at bottom then cook egg as desired. Will cook like non-stick but taste pure and clean!!!

PASTA & RICE: Cover raw pasta w/water, set to med; when it clicks, turn low for approx. 6 min (faster & less water); or preheat water on Medium-High with lid on; when valve clicks. When silent 2 min, add pasta to boiling water! Rice in MP5 & EOC: Add rice, water, oil/butter & seasoning to unit. Press “temp”; then press down arrow 1 or 2 times. (Rice 1 for up to 2 Cups, Rice; 2 for 2+ Cups; EOC needs 3 C water to 1st C rice due to surface area. Unit automatically adjusts thermo and gives countdown. Do Rice 2 twice for brown/wild rice.

PANCAKES & FRENCH TOAST: Preheat griddle t to Med for 3-4 minutes. Lightly dab stick of butter on griddle only where batter goes. Pour batter or place toast on griddle. When bubbles appear on pancakes, flip over.

To do pancakes/French toast with min cooking spray, preheat griddle just below medium about 4-5 min. Spray or run butter where items will cook. Add batter or French toast. The key is to make sure pan is hot enough. The batter will stick, but releases quickly when browned and ready to flip. No cooking spray is needed for remaining rounds!

Cakes & Bread: Spray cold 8.6” skillet with Olive Oil. Add batter and cover. Bake on Med-Low for 14-18 min. When it’s dry to the touch it’s ready. Shake unit from side to side to loosen and place on plate. For cakes, add chocolate bar for frosting! Careful not to use too many veggies or cake remains wet and may burn bottom (approx. 2 ¼ Cup).

If you burn cake, cut away burn and cake tastes normal!! It’s OK to make mistakes! Also vegetables on top of burned veggies taste normal!

Frozen to Finish: Place frozen protein (tenders, filets, etc.) in cold skillet; add sauce/seasonings, and top with frozen vegetables. Medium-click-low. Usually takes 30 min after low, depending on thickness of protein.

Handles: Spray inside with cooking spray and pump release button 1-2 min to loosen. Don’t use in oven/dishwasher to preserve luster.

Clean-Up: Fill pan with hot, soapy water and let soak while you eat. For tougher mess, place cover on unit with water and heat to Medium-High, turn off heat once Vapo-valve fully extends up, let unit reseal. This deglazes baked-on food, and allows for excellent gravy making. It will clean much easier when you are ready to clean the unit.

Think soft on the outside to preserve mirror finish, and scrubbing OK on the inside. Use moist paper towel & surface master cleanser to remove stains or mineral deposits. A soft sponge wastes and absorbs cleanser and will not work; but the scrubby side is fine. After washing, sprinkle light dusting of cleanser to wet unit. Rub in direction with the grain. This helps soften scratch marks. Create a paste with cleanser on paper towel to clean bottom of unit as desired.

We’ve heard that boiling coca cola covered for 5-10 minutes and letting stand for 20 minutes, makes cleaning burns a breeze. If burned badly on outside (house fire, etc.) remove handles and spray unit with oven cleaner (NOT fumeless). Avoid spraying rim. Place in paper bag or on newspaper for 2 hours/overnight. Rinse with hot water and polish with cleanser. Keep handles/knobs from oven and dishwasher to keep shine.

You can use a mild scrub pad on inside; but not on outside or lids. Salt is OK for cooking on food; just don’t coat skillet with salt.
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