Use Low Temperature Cooking to Boost the Immune System

Those interested in eating well and staying healthy know the benefits of eating nutrient-rich organic foods. But what a lot of people don’t know is that high temperature cooking of healthy food can possibly increase the risk for health problems and eliminate the nutrients which are so important for staying healthy. Avoiding the microwave is becoming more commonplace. When people say, “I’m going to nuke my food,” they probably have no idea how accurate that statement is. Although it’s commonly known that steam kills germs and bacteria, does anyone give any thought to what it may be doing to the delicate vitamins? Low temperature cooking on the other hand is the correct method for not only retaining those important nutrients, but also avoiding the formation of toxic compounds which can lead to serious health problems such as chronic inflammation and cancer.

Contrary to what some believe, certain healthy organic foods can actually prove more beneficial cooked than eating the food raw. That’s because cooking certain foods will both release and allow the body to absorb more nutrients than when eating those foods raw. However, it’s important to be careful and understand that the cooking temperature can either help or hurt you. Toxic compounds, such as HCAs, PAHs, and AGEs, are formed when foods are cooked at high temperatures, and these compounds will increase the risk for serious diseases including cancer. This is why low temperature cooking is the best way to absorb the most nutrients in certain foods while providing protection against toxic compounds and the serious health problems these toxic compounds can cause. Have a dinner on us to see why Healthy Cooking is recommended by raw food advocates.

Using low temperature cooking will allow you to live a longer, healthier, and better life. Plus, with the help of Healthy Cooking, low temperature cooking is not hard to do! So get started with Healthy Cooking today and be sure to learn more about how to stay healthy with healthy cooking by browsing through our website and scheduling a free introductory dinner on us.